About Hack2Secure

Hack2Secure is an expert team of Certified Information Security Professionals, who have years of experience in the exciting field of IT Security. We believe and understand the needs of today's IT professionals and is best positioned to offer world class Security Training & Professional Services in Information Security.

Hack2Secure is one of the few companies who offer wide range of theoretical and practical security training programs that can help a diverse group of people, from College Students to Corporate Professionals. We believe in knowledge sharing and transfer. Our experienced trainers will provide you the required knowledge of tools, techniques and resources along with guidance, so that you can be at the forefront of a vital and rapidly changing IT industry.

Hack2Secure offers its clients, IT security Professional Services to provide ways to stay ahead of Security threats through proactive security testing, assessment and consultation services. Our services helps clients to view IT Security from an attacker's prospect, leveraging real-time techniques to showcase risk, vulnerabilities and threats in their environment and also assess their implications on the business.
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Nitin Kotwal

Founder, CEO, Hack2Secure

Nitin manages both Hack2Secure as a company and Hack2Secure training portal. His primary focus is on Research and Content development of Security training courses across IT domains. His multiple years of experience in Security Industry helped him to gain 'Advanced Computer Security Certificate' from Stanford Center of Professional Development (SCPD), along with CCSK, CPTE, CEH, VCP 4 and VCP 5.

Nitin has kick-started his career with VMware, primarily focussing on vSphere product security testing and escalation concerns. Later, he joined Cisco to undertake Security Testing on UCS platform. He has delivered numbers of training sessions on different Security topics, Attack scenarios, tools and techniques. He was also involved in undertaking in-house Security attack reproduction, analysis and testing of Security concerns. Along with all these, he has also made his hands dirty in Security testing lab establishment, in-house press releases etc.

Hack2Secure is a formal form of his dream project to spread awareness on Information Security. He enjoys teaching for Hack2Secure, provide consultation, help others with his unique skill to visualize and analyse Security Threats across Secure Development Lifecycle, design Threat Models, and provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services.

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