Welcome to the Hack2secure Affiliate Program. Earn money when you make sale for Hack2secure

What is Affiliate?

An affiliate is somebody who puts a link on their website to promote a site or product, and in return they are rewarded when a potential buyer clicks that link and subsequently buys. The link can either be normal text or it can be a banner advertisement.

About Hack2Secure

Hack2Secure excels in "Information Security" domain and offers professional IT Security programs including Training, Services and Solutions designed by industry experts and tailored per specific needs. We help students, professionals and companies with Knowledge, tools and guidance required to be at forefront of a vital and rapidly changing IT Security Industry.

Key Benefits:

At Hack2secure, we believe that “your success is our success". We give you opportunity to promote our online IT Security Courses that are useful, unique and prepared by the industry experts.

  • High and competitive commission rates
  • Earn an attractive commissions starting from 20% and thereafter additional performance boost in your commission upto 50%
  • Fast processing and payment of commissions (max. 31 days processing time!)
  • Exclusive Banners, Ad-content and Promotional Videos based on your requirement.
  • Dedicated, Transparent Reporting and Student progress views
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How it works
  • In order to become a Hack2Secure Affiliate, all you need to do is Sign up by clicking on 'Sign Up' link.
  • Once you sign up, send us a affiliate request email at
    Subject: “Add me as an affiliate"
    Body:<your details, adv requirements/specifications, anything else you want to highlight>
  • Once we have analysed your request and confirmed you as an affiliate (Max 2 working days), you will get Access to your personal affiliate management page along with affiliate-id, from Hack2Secure.
  • Use this Page to manage/view your details, progress, reports etc. along with links to advertise and refer traffic to Hack2secure.
  • Anytime a user lands on any page under with your affiliate code embedded, we create a 365 day cookie in their browser. The only exception to this is if there is already an existing active affiliate cookie.
  • Any purchase they make with-in the next one year is attributed to you, with you receiving your commission % of the sales price.
  • Our Billing is done on monthly basis, you will receive your commission for every month that the user has an active subscription.
  • We pay out 30 days after the completion of every month since users have 30 days to request a refund if they are unhappy with the class.
  • You need to have a PayPal account. This is the only method of payment for the affiliate program. We recommend that you create an account if you haven't got one. It is free and safe.
  • Reach us at for more details and queries.

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How much can I make?

We offer very competitive commission rates! along with regular Performance Boost in your commission (upto 50% extra!!) as you grow audience for us. So, more you promote, more you learn.

What I will promote?

Practically Anything!..Choose any course, link or banner. Moreover, if you have any specific requirement, ping us. Our team will design content exclusively for you.

Do I have access to promotions and special discounts?

Yes! As an affiliate, you will get exclusive discount coupons.

How i come to know, about my progress

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Questions ??

E-mail us at

We'd love to hear from you!